About Us

About Us


The Speed Squad is one of Vancouver’s newest track and field clubs. In 2018 it was founded by a group of passionate athletes dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages who are interested in improving their physical fitness, mental stamina, knowledge of the sport of track and field, or running through organized training, community involvement, and competition.

We are a registered non-profit society and is a member of BC Athletics Association.



  • We seek to foster and grow the sport of track and field in Vancouver
  • Develop a training environment for any athletes to develop their athletism and speed
  • Promote the idea that to be a better athlete is to be a better human being first


Short Term

  • Further develop the growth of our club by recruiting more members, coaches, and supporters
  • Find a home track or facility to train at
  • Develop a streamlined operations plan and method for delivery of programs

Long Term

  • Develop our members into coaches
  • Secure a permanent track or training facility to which we can train and host events
  • Create a business model to help sustain the clubs operations and finances